New Favorite Show: Fixer Upper

Have you been watching HGTV’s Fixer Upper?!
It’s my new favorite show and I’m totally obsessed.
It’s the best show I’ve seen on HGTV in a long time!

The show follows Chip and Joanna Gaines as they transform houses that are total dumps into works of beauty for homeowners. In addition to owning their home decor shop, the Magnolia Market, and remodeling company, Magnolia Home, they are parents of four young children and are working on remodeling their own super cute farmhouse.

fixer upper8Joanna is an amazingly talented interior designer and the show is chock full of inspiration.

I love that the show also captures the couple’s great personalities, quirks and all. Their love for one another, their honesty, their kindness, and their love for the Lord shines in all that they do.

Here’s a look at some of the great spaces Joanna has designed.

fixer upper1

fixer upper2

fixer upper4

fixer upper6

fixer upper7

fixer upper5

fixer upper3Source for all Images

Be sure to check out Joanna’s blog for lots more inspiration and don’t forget to watch the show on HGTV!



The Farm Chicks Show 2014

I’ve been dying to go to The Farm Chicks antique/vintage show in Spokane, WA for years. This year I finally made it.
And it did not disappoint.

farm chicks2If you’ve never heard of The Farm Chicks show before, it’s a HUGE antique/vintage sale held at the Spokane County Fairgrounds for one weekend at the beginning of June every year. Whether you are looking for furniture, home decor accessories, fabric, wall art, fashion accessories, or any vintage inspired items, you are sure to find it at this massive sale.

I had a whole shopping list of things I was looking for, but completely lost sight of that once I started shopping and got totally distracted by all of the cute stuff I saw.

I took my camera along on my shopping adventure to capture the wide array of items for sale and to spotlight the incredible creativity the vendors have.

Most of the pictures I took are close-ups of stuff I thought was cool. It was really hard to get any wide angle shots of vendor booths because it was REALLY crowded. I’m talking so crowded it was hard to even see a lot of the merchandise.

IMG_6186 copyUber Chic’s booth was hands down on of my favorite booths. They had the coolest pillows, wooden dough bowls, galvanized metal buckets and tons of other great stuff. Everyone seemed to love this booth because things were being scooped up withing minutes of opening.

farm chicks1I was tempted to buy some of these vintage colored faucet handles at another booth. I thought they’d make funky drawer handles or hooks to hang jackets on.

farm chicks4There were so many options if you were looking for something unique to decorate your walls.

farm chicks5_edited-1

farm chicks6

farm chicks7
farm chicks12
farm chicks13

farm chicks10And there were tons of one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

farm chicks8

farm chicks9But my favorite thing to see was how creative the vendors were when it came to styling their spaces. Such wonderfully creative people!

farm chicks11The show really inspired me to  come home and make cool, creative stuff.

Unfortunately, when I was about halfway through the show, my arms were so full of the treasures I bought that I had to stop taking pictures. But I’m sure you get the idea of what they had :)

My husband and I took the opportunity to turn this into a kid-free mini-vacation in Spokane and had his parents watch the kids for the weekend. He didn’t accompany me to The Farm Chicks show (definitely not his scene), but we did have a great time together doing other shopping, sightseeing, and eating out.

We stayed at the Davenport Hotel and it was definitely one of the fanciest places we’ve ever stayed. We were baffled our first night there to find the housekeeper in our room at 8pm, only to realize she was turning our bedding down and leaving chocolates on our pillows! We’d never experienced that before!

davenport hotelWe thought Spokane was beautiful and really enjoyed seeing the sights.

IMG_6235Even the 5 hour drive home through farm country was enjoyable.

IMG_6250 copySuch a fun weekend!

I’ll be back next week to show you some of the cute treasures I hauled home from the show!



How to Style a Coffee Table

I’ve been working with a few clients on coffee table styling and thought I’d share my coffee table styling tips here on the blog while it’s on my brain.

coffee table styling

Coffee tables are the centerpiece of most family and living rooms, yet so often they are left as a blank canvas or a landing spot for stacks of magazines and remote controls. With the coffee table being one of the main pieces of furniture in a space, it’s worth it to spend a little time and energy in styling it.

To keep it simple, there are 5 general accessories that I like to use on almost every coffee table I style.

coffee table accessories

1. Tray or bowl
2. Something tall and curvy
3. Something fresh/green
4. Books
5. Something sculptural, interesting, or quirky

Let’s talk about each piece in detail.

Trays are great for grouping decorative objects so that they look unified instead of just some random objects sitting on a table. They are also great for corralling items like magazines, book, and remotes.

coffee table tray

I found our tray (pictured above) at TJMaxx.

Here are some great looking trays/bowls that would work beautifully on almost any coffee table.

coffee table trays_edited-11        2        3        4        5        6

To break up all of the hard lines and  add some varying height to your table, it’s a good idea to add in something tall and curvy like a pot, vase, candle holder, or an urn.

coffee table greenery

To bring the outdoors in and add some texture and color, I like to use something fresh and/or green. This can be fresh flowers, a plant, or even faux greenery. Your greenery can be combined with your something tall and curvy by placing flowers in a vase or a plant in a pretty pot.

I found our brass bot at a thrift shop and the faux greenery is from Ikea.

I love books and I use them in every room I decorate. They are a great way to infuse you personality into a space and can also be used to bring in color and add varying heights. Books used for coffee table display should be good-looking hardcover books that reflect what you love.

Think of what you love – music, sports, travel?

I love decorating (duh!), art, and photography, so my books on my coffee table showcase that.

In addition to the subject matter, the color of your books should tie in with the other decor in your room. I almost always remove the dust jackets from my books to reveal a more simple, subtle cover.

coffee table books

A great place to find books for decorating is your local thrift shop. All of the books on my coffee table were from thrift shops and cost less than $2 each. I check my thrift shop’s book supply every time I go in; you never know what you’ll find!

Lastly, add in a decorative object that is interesting, sculptural or quirky. In other words, something interesting that makes people want to take a closer look. This should be something that represents your personality or something you love. Not only will this bring interest to your coffee table, it may also be a great conversation starter for when you have guest over.

coffee table accessory

The gold mirrored star on my coffee table was a find from Joss & Main a few months ago.

Below are some decorative objects I found online to help inspire you.

decorative objects for coffee table1        2        3               5        6

Other great places to find interesting objects are thrift stores, antique stores, and stores like Home Goods.

To help you visualize different ways to tie it all together, here are some more images of beautifully styled coffee tables that all incorporate the 5 elements I’ve talked about.

coffee table stylingsource

coffee table styling- beachysource

coffee table styling ideassource

If you are ready to go style you coffee table now, I suggest you shop around your house first and see if you already have any of the elements I’ve talked about. Once you’ve arranged those items on your table, see what’s missing and go shopping for the items to fill in the holes.
I’d love to see what you come up with!

Screen Time Tickets – Setting Limits

My kids have become increasingly obsessed with watching TV, using the iPad, and playing video games.
I’ve gotta be honest here and admit that I had gotten really lazy about monitoring how much time they were spending staring at screens. I love the peace and quiet I get when they are occupied in front of a screen.
And before you start judging me, let me remind you that I have three 5-year olds.
This mama needs some time throughout the day when they are occupied and out of my hair.

screen time

But then I started noticing the vegetative stares on their faces as they watched TV or played video games.
They started forgetting how to play without a screen in front their faces.
They didn’t want to go outside anymore.
And the whining began. All. Day. Long. Oh how I loathe the whining.
“Moooooommm, can we watch a show?”
“Why can’t we watch a show?”
“I wanna watch a show!!”

Something had to be done.
Our pediatrician advised us that our kids should be allowed a maximum of 2 hours of screen time per day.
So I starting brainstorming ways we could easily limit and keep track of our kids’ screen time.  I didn’t want it to be something that required more work for me and I knew that my kids would fight me every day if we didn’t have some kind of system in place.
As a former teacher, I’m a huge fan of systems, especially ones that run themselves.

We discussed several options, but ultimately decided to go with a “screen time ticket” system.

screen time limitsAfter doing a quick Google search, I came across these adorable tickets from
Pretty Printables for You.

Screen Ticket

Since I have three kids and didn’t want to deal with any ticket thievery, I downloaded the tickets and customized them in Photoshop so that each of my children would have different colored tickets.

screen time tickets

Our system works beautifully now, but it took some trial and error to get our system functioning well.

We started out by making our kids earn their tickets with good behavior and by helping out around the house. We allowed them to earn a maximum of 4 tickets per day that they kept in a jar on the counter.
This method did not work well for several reasons:

1. The kids were CONSTANTLY nagging me.
“Mom, I just gave my sister a kiss. Can I have a ticket?”
“Mom, I’ve been good (for 5 minutes). Did I earn a ticket?”

2. Every time they earned a ticket, I had to go pull one out of the cupboard and put it in their jar on the counter. When someone redeemed a ticket, I put it back in the cupboard. It became a real headache keeping track of how many tickets they had earned & redeemed throughout the day.

3. We kept misplacing tickets because they would bring me a ticket whenever they wanted to redeem one. If I was in the middle of doing laundry or making a bed and they brought me a ticket, I would set the ticket down and forget where I left it.

I quickly realized that this method was too much for me to keep track of. It needed some tweaking to take the responsibility off of my shoulders and put it on theirs.

Here is our system now and it runs much more smoothly…

The kids each get 4 tickets at the beginning of every day. They don’t have to earn them. They can use them however they want, whenever they want, as long as they get permission first.
When their tickets are gone, the screens go off. Period. No negotiating.

screen time ticekt system1

Each child has his/her own metal pocket where the tickets are stored. After they receive permission to use a ticket, they go move one of their own tickets into the ‘used’ pocket.

The tickets are located in an easy to access spot in our kitchen and since they now have a designated home, we haven’t had any more issues with misplacing them.

screen time system

I love that this system fosters independence and teaches them about saving & spending. The kids have learned the hard way that if you use all of your tickets up in the morning, it’s a real bummer when you have to go the whole rest of the day without any screen time.

I also love that the whining and temper tantrums over screen time have vanished.
They understand the system and the rules and know that no amount of whining or begging will result in more screen time.

screen time ticket holder

To make the ticket holders…

I painted some clipboards we had at home with charcoal gray paint.

The galvanized tin envelopes were  from my local craft store (Ben Franklin) and were attached to the clipboards with liquid nails. You can find similar ones HERE and HERE.

FYI – we tried using paper envelope holders and they ripped too easily from constant use.
Metal works much better!

The round chalkboard tags were cut out of some leftover chalkboard contact paper I had laying around.

And then we hung them with removable Command hooks.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comment section (click on the little speech bubble below) or shoot me an email!



Favorite Pillow Sources

In my last few posts, I’ve been talking about how to make your bed look a little more stylish by mixing up your bedding and adding lots of pillows.
So today I thought I’d share some of my favorite sources for affordable throw pillows.

pillow sources_edited-2
Not only will these pillows make a great addition to your bed, but they also are great for adding some pizazz to your sofas, occasional chairs, etc. And the best part is that they are relatively inexpensive, ranging from about $20 to $65.

Up first are a few online retailers that have beautiful, unique pillows.

Tonic Livingtonic living pillowsZia Birch//Monarch Trellis//Baraka Ikat

Caitlin Wilson Textilescaitlin wilson textilesCoral Tall Chevron//Greige Zabeel Chevron//Mint Fleur Chinoise

Lulu and Georgia
lulu and georgia pillowsAntler//Colorblock Charcoal Stripe//Beauty Full

I also like to buy pillows from these large retailers both in the store and online. I love that their inventory consistently changes.

West Elm
west elm pillowsChevron Crewel//Diamond Dot Crewel//Studded Velvet

target throw pillowsNate Berkus Metallic Woven//Mudhut Dot//Polo Club//Threshold Velvet

Pottery Barn
pottery barn throw pillowsAnza Ikat//Thomas Ticking Stripe//Indigo Blue Polka Dot//Inspire Sentiment Lumbar

Esty is a fabulous place to find stylish, unique pillows and support small business owners at the same time. The following is a small sampling of some of my absolute favorite Etsy shops.

Motif Pillows
motif pillowsVelvet Peacock Blue//Fuschia Schumacher//Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon

Chic Decor Pillows
chic decor pillowsDwell Studio Ogee Print//Light Gray Lattice//Metallic Beige Herringbone

Turquoise Tumbleweed
turquoise tumbleweed pillowsJohn Robsaw for Duralee//Blue Coral Reef//Navy Ikat

Some of my other favorite Etsy shops include:
Kyoozi, East & Nest, Pop O’Color, Pillow Talk & More

In addition to all of the stores & shops I’ve listed, I also love to score great looking, inexpensive pillows at Home Goods and TJMaxx.

If you’re looking for pillow inserts, down-filled are the way to go!
The best places for affordable down inserts are Ikea and TJMaxx/Home Goods. I like to buy really ugly clearance pillows from TJMaxx just for the down inserts and then donate the hideous pillow covers to my local thrift shops.

Happy pillow shopping!



Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas

Last week I posted about the 5 Ingredients for a Beautifully Made Bed and this week I wanted to get a little more specific about how to arrange pillows on your bed to make it look stylish, comfy, and inviting.

I like to think of pillows as the ‘jewelry’ of your bed.
You can make almost any drab outfit look stylish with the well thought-out addition of some pretty jewelry, just like you can make plain bedding look fabulous by choosing the right pillows and arranging them to compliment one another.

Look at the following two pictures and try to visualize the bed without the pretty pillows.

bold bed pillows with white beddingThe beds would look kinda drab without the pillows, don’t you think?

Since pillows play such an important role in how your bed looks,
I wanted to give you some visuals of ways to spruce up your bed with the addition of well-placed pillows.

 I created these little ‘cheat sheets’ for both king and queen sized beds to give you some simple ideas of how you can arrange pillows to make your bed look stylish and inviting.

Let’s start with king-sized beds…

King Bed Pillow Arrangement Ideas
No. 1
king bed pillow arrangementsource

No. 2source

No. 3white bedding with bold pillowssource

No. 4
king bed pillow arrangement 5source

Arranging pillows on a queen bed is similar to the way you would on a king bed, but you should use one less euro pillow and use standard size rectangluar pillows instead of king sized.

queen bed pillow arrangement ideas

No. 1
queen bed pillows style 1source

No. 2
pillows queen style 2source

No. 3
bed pillow arrangement ideas2source

queen bed pillows stylesource

No. 4pillows queen style 3source

Feel free to print out a pillow ‘cheat sheet’ to stick in your purse to help you when you are pillow shopping!

Next week, I’ll be sharing my favorite sources for pretty pillows.
In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you…
What is your favorite source for pillows?



Large DIY Framed Chalkboard

While chalkboard painted walls look really appealing, their practicality just doesn’t work for me.
(You can read about that situation HERE.)

And although having a chalkboard wall didn’t work out for us, I still really wanted to incorporate some kind of large scale chalkboard  in our house.

So I decided to make a custom sized, large framed chalkboard to hang on the wall.

bible verse on chalkboardOur chalkboard measures 58″ long x 31″ wide,
which was just the right size to fit in the space between the housing for our doorbell and the electrical outlet.

DIY large framed chalkboardSupplies needed:
3 – 1 x 6″ boards (we used pine)
1 – 2′ x 4′ piece of plywood (we chose a smooth maple 1/4″ thick piece)
1 1/4″ pocket screws
wood glue
magnetic primer paint (optional)
chalkboard paint
wood conditioner
wood stain
keyhole hanging brackets

diy chalboard - step 1 - mitered cornersAfter cutting the length of your boards down to size
(cut two boards 58″ long and the third board into two 31″ pieces),
you will need to miter the corners at a 45 degree angle using a compound miter saw.

step 2 diy chalkbaord

You will need to create a ‘lip’ on the back inside edges for the piece of plywood (chalkboard) to sit.
We used a dado blade on our table saw to cut out a notch
that was 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep (width of plywood).

step 3 diy chalkboard_edited-1

Before attaching the mitered boards together, you will first need to drill pocket holes using a pocket hole jig.
We drilled 2 pocket holes on the back of each board for added stability.
After squeezing a small amount of wood glue in the joints, we attached the boards together using pocket screws.

pocket hole screwsBefore you get to staining or painting anything,
I suggest getting all of the dust-producing activities out of the way first.

step 4 diy chalkboard

Give your piece of plywood a good sanding with a fine-grit sand paper to get it nice and smooth.

Then wipe all of your wood off real good to remove all dust.

Now it’s time to whip out your painting & staining supplies.

step 5 magnetic primerI’ve read mixed reviews online about this stuff. But I decided to give it a try because I thought it would be pretty handy if my chalkboard could double as a magnetic board.

Make sure you stir this stuff up good! All of the metal particles seem to settle at the bottom of the can.

I read that the more coats of this stuff you do, the more magnetic it will be,
so I gave it a good 4 coats with a foam roller, which I did over the course of a few days.

While I was waiting for the magnetic paint to dry, I set to work on staining the chalkboard frame.

step 6 chalkboard frameI highly recommend starting with a wood conditioner.
This will help prevent your stain from looking splotchy.

IMG_5498We did one coat of wood conditioner,
three coats of Minwax’s Early American wood stain,
followed by two coats of satin urethane to seal it all up.

step 7 chalkbaord paintWith the magnetic primer now dry, we added 3 coats of black chalkboard paint on top with a foam roller.

Once everything is painted, stained and dry (which took us days to complete), it’s finally time to attach the chalkboard to the frame.

We started by gluing the plywood into the lip of the frame and then attached small little brackets (I can’t remember what they are called) to hold it all in place. We picked up the small brass brackets at our local frame shop for 10 cents a piece and we used a total of 14.

step 8 diy chalkboardWe also attached 2 keyhole brackets to the back for hanging purposes.

Then we hung it up!

large magnetic chalkboardWhile this was a time consuming project with all of the wait time between coats of paint and stain,
it was a pretty easy project that created a big impact in our entry/mudroom area.

We are very pleased with how it turned out.
It’s in the perfect spot to write reminders, notes, bible verses, and inspirational quotes.

chalkboard in mudroomAnd as for my review on the magnetic paint…
it is magnetic, but not very strong.
You definitely need a strong magnet and it can only hold up a single, lightweight piece of paper.

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5 Ingredients for a Beautifully Made Bed

There is nothing I love more than a pretty, well-made bed. My entire house could be a complete disaster, but as long as my bed is made and looking good, I’m a happy gal.

layered bedding ideas

If you’re like me and crave a beautifully made bed, but just aren’t sure how to pull-it all together, here is a simple ‘recipe’ to help you make your own bed as pretty as a store display bed.

Keep in mind that here are no steadfast rules when it comes to outfitting your bed and the possibilities are endless. The following are just general guidelines to help get you started.

The key to a cozy-looking, inviting bed is LAYERED BEDDING.

You can never go wrong with crisp, white sheets. They go with everything and help break up all of the color and pattern, giving your eyes a spot to visually rest.
We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed, so don’t go cheap on your sheets. Buy the best sheets you can afford and you’ll never be sorry. Look for 100% cotton (no polyester) or the key words “Pima,” “Supima” or “Egyptian long-staple,” which all indicate high quality thread. Contrary to popular belief,  quality of the thread matters more than the thread count.

white sheetssource

Most people throw a duvet or comforter over their sheets and call it good, leaving their bed looking rather plain and uninviting. Adding a quilt or coverlet gives the bed layers that bring in style and comfort. Look for a quilt that compliments your duvet and adds texture, pattern, or color to your bed. Create layers by either spreading your quilt out over your sheets and layer your duvet on top OR fold the quilt into thirds and lay it atop the foot of your duvet.

quilt layered on bedsource

quilt layered on bed1source

quilt layered on bed2source

It seems simple. You have a king sized duvet cover, so you buy a king sized comforter to fill it, right? Wrong.
Comforter infills vary drastically in their measurements, regardless of their ‘size’  label. You need to measure your duvet cover and then find a comforter insert that is at least 2 or 3 inches larger than your duvet cover. This will help your comforter look full and cozy like the ones you see in store displays.

If you chose a solid quilt, then it’s safe to go with a patterned duvet. But if you chose a patterned quilt, stick to a solid duvet or one with a simple pattern (like the blue/white ticking stripe duvet shown above). It’s okay to mix patterns as long as the colors coordinate or compliment one another.

layered beddingduvet: Pottery Barn – Painterly Paisley (no longer available)
euro shams: Pottery Barn – Isabelle Tufted Voile Shams in porcelain blue
king pillow shams: Pottery Barn – Pick-Stitch sham in white
throw pillow: Smile Pillow in Yellow by HoneyPieDesign on Etsy

patterned duvetsource

Lots of pillows are essential in making your bed look cozy and inviting. In my opinion, the more pillows, the better.

First of all, make sure you get the right pillow inserts. Nothing looks sloppier than a pillow sham that’s too big for its’ insert, which leaves the sham looking saggy and wrinkled. Measure your shams and get the right size inserts to fill them. The best looking inserts are down-filled and while they can be a bit spendy, they will always make your pillows look plump and inviting.

Again, there are no rules when it comes to choosing pillows but an easy rule of thumb is to match standard or king pillows to your duvet and euro shams to your quilt or coverlet (as shown below).

pb layered beddingsource

layered pillow shamssource

Don’t be afraid to go bold with throw pillows. They are a great way to mix things up by bringing in additional pattern and color. Throw pillows are inexpensive and can be easily swapped out for a quick change.

bed accent throw pillow

bold throw pillows on bed

accent pillow on bed2source

I know that may have been a lot of info to absorb, so to help simplify it all, I created an easy visual guide.

guide to layered bedding

If any of my tips helped you make your bed more beautiful, I’d love to hear (or see) your success! Send me an email or leave a comment below!


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Christmas Home Tour 2013

In decorating our home for Christmas this year, my goal was to not have to purchase anything new and to keep it simple.

For our front door, I spruced up a grapevine wreath I already had with some ribbon, sprigs of greenery and some burlap.

christmas wreath

This sled belonged to my step-dad when he was a kid. It is one of my most favorite decorations to put out.

front porch sled

I added a few small festive touches to our front porch furniture with an old watering can and a little pillow made out of a drop cloth.

christmas front porch2

The niche in our entry way got some holiday cheer with some sticks, greenery and battery operated lighted branches. The O Holy Night art is one I tried to make myself my copying THIS print from Lindsay Letters. In hindsight, I should have just spent a few bucks and bought the original. It’s much better looking than mine.

christmas niche

Since we have three little ones, I try to keep our Christmas decor a bit whimsical. I want the kids to experience the magic of Christmas. And while I like tasteful, traditional Christmas decor, I think it’s possible to mix whimsy and classiness to create a beautiful holiday look.

christmas living room

christmas mantel

christmas mantel5

christmas mantel4

The kids and I love reading Christmas books, so we keep a tub full of our favorite books out by the Christmas tree for easy access.

christmas mantel5

In the dining room, I displayed some of the kids’ holiday artwork along with Santa photos from years past.

christmas buffet

Our family room needed some holiday cheer too, so I made the J-O-Y letters in Photoshop and put them in the frames that were already hanging above our entertainment center.

The kids and I made the paper chain using scrapbook paper and pages from an old music book and the greenery was harvested from some cedar trees in our backyard.

christmas family room1_edited-1

christmas family room2_edited-1

christmas family room4

christmas family room3

And because I am so in love with how our Christmas card turned out this year from, I thought I’d share it with you all.

christmas card

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas!



Powder Room Redo Completed

Have you ever seen the show Renovation Realities on the DIY Network?

You know, the show where they follow real-life homeowners as they try and DIY a major project in their own home and everything seems to go wrong.

We totally should have been on that show for this project.

We are typically a pretty handy couple and have tackled tons of DIY projects over the years, but for this project, we were over budget, it took way longer than we thought, and almost everything went wrong.

Luckily we are thrilled with the final result!

powder room1

We started out by adding new, simple baseboard trim, installed beadboard planks to the bottom half of the walls, and topped it off with a chair rail.

This was the hardest park of the project because it required removing the pedestal sink and the toilet plumbing. We hit a major snag when we forgot to turn the main water valve off in the garage and ended up causing a big ol’ flood. We spent days drying out the hardwood flooring, which is now slightly warped, and had to hire a plumber to come fix the leak we created. What a nightmare!

But it sure turned out pretty!

powder room makeover

To add a little more character to the tiny room, we also clad the ceiling with wide tongue and groove planks that I painted with a semi-gloss to reflect light in Benjamin Moore’s November Rain.

To finish off the ceiling planks, we tried to add crown molding ourselves, which proved to be WAY harder than we thought. There are a ton of weird angles in this room and we could not get any of our corners to line up correctly. We ended up wasting quite a few pieces of crown molding before we gave up and hired a contractor to come do it for us.

We are so glad we hired help because it looks way better than what we would have done!

powder room plank ceiling

Next, we put up grasscloth wallpaper, which I am absolutely in love with!

I was terrified to attempt wallpaper myself, having never done it before, so I watched tons of YouTube videos on wallpapering and asked several professionals for their advice before I started.

Then I procrastinated and procrastinated because I was scared  I was going to screw it up. Grasscloth wallpaper doesn’t come cheap!

But I finally bit the bullet and did it.

And it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up to be in my head, except for the fact that I ran out of wallpaper 3/4 of the way around the room. So the wallpapering came to a halt when I had to order more and wait 3 weeks for it to come in. Ugh.

In the end, I would say it was tedious and required a lot of patience, but wallpapering was totally worth the effort.

pivoting mirror1

We ended up having to buy a new mirror because there was no way to attach our old one over the top of the new chair rail. We went with a pivoting mirror because its brackets hold the mirror out over the chair rail.

powder room light

The thing I was most excited about replacing in our bathroom was the light fixture. I absolutely hated the one that the builder installed.

I spent weeks looking for just the right one. I wanted something simple and timeless in an oil-rubbed bronze finish to match all of our other fixtures. I ended up finding the perfect one at Restoration Hardware.

While I love all of the big changes we made to the space, I think the accessories are what really gives the room its’ personality.

mason jar soap dispenserbathroom stool1

I still want to add some shelves to the other side of the bathroom, above the toilet.

But that’s another project for another day.

grasscloth wallpaper

And because I love a good before and after photo, here’s the transformation…

powder room before and after

Stay tuned for an upcoming post with tips on how to wallpaper with grasscloth!

source listLight Fixture: Restoration Hardware
Mirror: Lowe’s
Grasscloth Wallpaper: Sherwin Williams
Beadboard: Home Depot
Hand Towel: Home Goods
Gray Foot Stool: Circle Creek Home
Teal Ceramic Stool: TJMaxx
Birch pot with plant: Pot and faux plant from Ikea with real birch bark glued onto pot
Rug: Target
Soap Dispenser: Joyworks in Snohomish, WA
Plug-in Scented Warmer: Scentsy



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